Renter Friendly Curtain Rod

10 Best Renter Friendly Curtain Rod Methods 2024


Renter friendly curtain rod techniques are easy to use especially when you don’t want to cause any damage to the wall. Many people wonder how to put up curtains in an apartment without drilling holes due to the owner’s rules and regulations regarding the building. When you’re in your own home, you can hang curtains however you like. But when you’re renting an apartment, there are some important things to consider when putting up curtains.

Best Renter Friendly Curtain Rod Methods

Rental Friendly Curtain Rod

Make sure to hang curtains in a way that won’t damage the landlord’s property. There are many different ways to hang curtains in a rental apartment. These curtains serve various purposes, like blocking outside light and providing insulation as well as privacy. It’s important to install curtains or window hangings in a rental apartment for these reasons. Today, we’ll talk about the best 10 methods to hang curtains in a rental apartment without causing any harm to the property.

1. By Using Command Brand Hooks

Renter Friendly Curtain Rod

Command brand hooks offer a simple solution for hanging curtains in a rental apartment without the need for drilling. These hooks have strong adhesive strips that easily stick to smooth walls and surfaces. The Command jumbo hook, known for its ability to carry heavy weights, is particularly useful for supporting curtain rails and drapes without causing damage.

These hooks are available in various colors, allowing you to find a match for your curtain rails. To use them, attach the sticky strip to the wall and wait for 24 hours. Afterward, you can hang curtain rods on these hooks, providing a hassle-free way to hang curtains in your apartment.

2. By Using Heavy Duty Magnets

Renter Friendly Curtain Rod

To install a curtain rod on the wall without causing damage, consider using heavy-duty magnets, especially effective with metal rods. These magnets provide robust support for both the curtain and the rods, preventing them from falling or dropping. This method is particularly useful in a rental space where you want to avoid any wall damage while still securely hanging curtains.

3. Build Your Curtains Frame

Renter Friendly Curtain Rod

Another renter friendly curtain rod example is to build your curtain frame. Create a customizable curtain frame that can be easily assembled to fit your needs. This frame is portable, allowing you to move it with minimal effort.

Position these frames in front of your windows, with a curtain rail on top for hanging curtains. Measure your window dimensions and construct the frame accordingly. Customize the frame’s appearance to match your room’s walls, ensuring it blends seamlessly and doesn’t look out of place in front of your windows.

4. By Using Roller Shades

Renter Friendly Curtain Rod

In certain rental apartments, roller shades are commonly used to block light and offer privacy. If you want to modify them, roll the drape up until it forms a horizontal tube shape above your windows. Alternatively, you can take the entire window hanging off the brackets mounted on the walls.

To create a solid tube, use rubber bands and double-sided tapes. Afterward, turn the curtains onto this tube using curtain rings for easy and damage-free customization.

5. By Using Clip-on Brackets

Renter Friendly Curtain Rod

For those who dislike standard drapes, a great solution exists. A cheap method to hang curtains without drilling is by using Clip-on brackets with hanging blinds. These blinds are often pre-installed above windows in rental apartments.

Attach these brackets to the top of the drapes, then hang the curtain rod using these brackets. Utilize the NONO Bracket Mini clips, hooking them onto the wall. Importantly, when it’s time to leave the rental apartment, these clips can be easily removed without causing damage to the wall.

6. By Using Existing Curtain Rods

hang curtains in a rental apartment

If the curtain rods are already installed in your rental apartment and are compatible with your curtains, that’s convenient. However, if you have curtains that don’t match your interior style and don’t want to invest in a new rod, consider this solution:

Customize your curtain size by sewing it to fit the existing curtain rod. Add curtain rings for easy hanging in the room. This allows you to adjust the curtains easily, whether you want to block incoming light or need some privacy. It’s a cost-effective way to refresh your window coverings without changing the existing hardware.

7. By Using Spring Tension Rods

hang curtains without drilling

Spring tension rods are versatile and can fit into various suspension rod spaces. This makes them useful for hanging light fabric curtains such as silk curtains.

This method is particularly beneficial for rental apartments because these rods can adapt to any window size without the need for drilling into the walls. This renter friendly curtain rod provides a convenient and easy solution for hanging curtains that don’t require permanent alterations to the apartment.

8. By Using Double Sided Tape

hang curtains without drilling

Another cheap method to hang curtains without drilling is by using double-sided tape. You can use double-sided tape to hang curtains in front of the windows. This method is particularly useful if you’re residing in a rental apartment for a short period.

This technique provides a solution to hang curtains without causing damage. It’s also a budget-friendly option, making it an excellent choice when you’re looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your window coverings.

9. By Using Coat Hooks

hang curtains without drilling

Certainly! Using coat hooks is a temporary and wall-friendly method for hanging curtains. Since they don’t require drilling, there’s no damage to the walls. You can find these coat hooks at a hardware shop and attach them to the existing curtain rails.

Hanging the curtains on these hooks is easy, allowing you to open and close them as needed. This approach provides a convenient solution for enhancing window coverings in a rental apartment without any permanent alterations.

10. Suspend a Curtain Rod

hang curtains without drilling

The final method, which is also important, involves hanging the curtain rod from the ceiling if you can’t use nearby walls or windows for support. You can use a rod, hooks, and a hanger to easily hang the curtain rod from the ceiling.

In The End

Here are the top 10 ways to hang curtains in a rental apartment without causing any damage to the walls. I hope this article assists you in addressing such issues. If you require additional assistance, you can explore more of our articles at

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