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8 Best Cat Proof Curtains And Fabrics 2024


Cat proof curtains are all about choosing the right materials to be used as fabric. This kind of fabric is mostly made of velvet, microfiber, canvas, synthetic fiber, and cotton blends. These fabrics are non-attractive to cats. Above this, these fabrics stand firm against the sharp claws of the cats.

Having pets at home no doubt causes pleasure and entertainment especially when you have lovely and cute cats and dogs at home. But their mischievousness sometimes might result in some damage to your home’s interior elements like curtains, frames, sofas, and other items. Their sharp claws may destroy your home’s interior element’s beauty. Cats scratching the curtains can be a big problem for pet lovers. But there are always some solutions for almost every problem.

In this article, we’ll cover the Best Cat Proof Drapes for you to use in your home. As they won’t get damaged by the cat’s claws, so you don’t have to worry about the curtains.

cat proof curtains

8 Different Types of Best Cat Proof Curtains

These cat resistant curtains are made up of different types of materials. These materials are microfiber, velvet, polyester, linen, cotton, and burlap. However, here are 8 types of catproof curtains recommended for you.

1. Velvet Curtains

cat proof curtains

This stylish and luxurious fabric is highly durable as well as elegant. The high-quality velvet is woven tightly which makes it less prone to damage from cat claws and animal stains. Velvet’s soft and plush texture makes it tough for the cats to scratch compared to other materials.

These high-density cat safe curtains block light and have superior noise reduction potential. Another advantage of using these curtains is their energy-efficient design. They help maintain your home’s temperature.

2. Canvas Curtains

Cat proof curtains

Canvas fabric is as durable and damage-resistant as velvet or microfiber. Although this cat proof curtain is not as beautiful as velvet and microfiber, it is still one of the best options for cat proof drapes.

It can easily bear the attacks from your cats without getting damaged. It is tightly woven so there is no space for the cats to get their claws into the curtains. They are easy to maintain and easy to clean.

3. Microfiber Cat Proof Curtains

Scratch proof curtains

Microfiber is not only resistant to cats but also protects your curtains from the odor of your pets. This tight woven fabric doesn’t snag easily. It features a 3 layer construction with a black layer in the middle. This black layer blocks light and reduces outside noise.

These curtains are very easy for you to install in your room. Your cat can never climb on these curtains. Its fabric helps to regulate the temperature of the room. This feature is also very beneficial for cats who are sensitive to extreme heat or cold.

4. Synthetic Fiber Curtains

Scratch proof curtains

Synthetic fiber can also be used as cat proof curtains. You may choose between polyester and nylon. Its good elasticity and high durability don’t allow your cat to climb.

These fiber curtains give extra protection and more functional styling options than natural fabrics. This fiber is rich in designs and styles.

5. Sunbrella Curtains

scratch proof curtains

Sunbrella is another option for synthetic fabrics for curtains. This fabric is made from 100% solution dyed Acrylic. It is completely resistant to all damage, scratching, fading, and animal stains.

Its insulation property maintains the temperature of your room. These scratch proof curtains are highly durable and easy to maintain. It is used in curtains as well as window blinds.

6. Polyester

cat friendly curtains

These polyester-made fabric curtains are perfect for creating a blackout effect. Cats can not get their claws stuck easily in them. This fabric completely blocks out any sunlight and UV rays.

These cat friendly curtains create a comfortable environment for your cat to nap in during the daytime. Its thermal insulation properties help regulate the room’s temperature.

7. Faux Silk Curtains

cat friendly curtains

These silk fiber drapes are one of the best Cat Proof Curtains, this type of curtain is resistant to your cat’s damage when she tries to climb or scratch. These synthetic material fabric curtains are available in a variety of designs and styles. Faux silk is a synthetic material with more durability.

The fabric also adds elegance and sophistication to your room. These are the best curtains for cats due to their synthetic material with high resistance to cat’s claws. The luxurious radiance and soft texture create a cozy and inviting ambiance.

8. Blackout Curtains

cat friendly curtains

This tightly woven fabric is designed to block light completely. These types of curtains are made of heavy-duty materials. The fabric is highly durable due to its multiple-layer construction.

It is very resistant to cat scratches and damage. These curtains maintain room temperature and have superb noise reduction capability.

Only Cat-Proof Curtains Aren’t Enough!

It is right that cat proof curtains will only work as a resistance to cats climbing. However, it will not change a cat’s instinctive behavior. No doubt, these are the best curtains for cat owners but climbing, scratching, and playing with different interior elements of the house is a cat’s natural behavior.

So, when your cat will not find any interesting thing to play, she will start to explore the expensive interior elements of your house to play with them. Therefore, we are writing here some suggestions for you to choose any one from them.

  • Trim Your cat’s nails regularly. It will prove worthwhile for you. This trick will protect your expensive interior elements from your cat’s sharp nails.

How to Stop Cat From Climbing Curtains
  • Use nail caps to protect your beautiful and worthy interior house elements. Nail caps will cover your cat’s claws and as a result, your valuables will remain safe.
cat free curtains
  • Buy a tree tower for your cat to scratch. You can easily buy a tree tower at a cheap price from your local stores. In this way, the interior stuff will remain protected from your cat’s scratching.
How to Stop Cat From Climbing Curtains


It is in a cat’s natural behavior to climb, scratch, play, and explore interesting things. All you can do is to utilize one of the above 8 mentioned cat proof curtains. Your curtains will be safe from cat scratches and animal odor. As mentioned above, you can not change a cat’s instinctive behavior of climbing and scratching, so we have further listed some useful tips for additional benefits in this regard.

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