Wire Shelf Covers

Wire Shelf Covers – How to Cover Wire Shelf with Wood Cover


Wire shelf covers are mostly used to stop the stuff falling through the wire shelves. These wire shelves are mostly found in closets, basic pantries, and linen closets in the houses. As we all know their biggest flaw is that things can fall through or don’t stand up straight on it. Also, dust gets stuck in all the little spaces. I also had these wire shelves in my closet. But I built wooden floating covers that easily slip over the wire shelves. You don’t have to worry about these wire shelves and how to make wooden wire shelf covers. I am excited to share how I built wire shelf covers wood with simple and easy steps.

How to Cover Wire Shelf with Wood Cover?

How to Cover Wire Shelf with Wood Cover

This project is also very useful in small closet organization ideas. This renter and homeowner-friendly project is not very costly. You can easily afford it. Let’s start this DIY wire shelf covers wood project by gathering our tools and materials.

1. Necessary Tools & Materials

Necessary Tools & Materials

To make the wood cover for wire shelves, we used the tools and materials below.

  • Brad nailer
  • Wood glue
  • Miter saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Marker
  • Sand Paper
  • Stain
  • Router
  • Foam Brush
  • 1×3 poplar pine wood
  • 1/4″ thick plywood sheet
  • 1″ nails for Brad Nailer
  • Clear satin polyurethane

2. Wire Shelves Measurements

Wire Shelves Measurements

We measured the width and depth of each shelf. After that, I measured one side of a shelf and made a stencil from shipping paper using those measurements. Then, I matched my stencil with every shelf to check whether the measurements were correct or not.

3. Marking On Plywood Sheet

Sand Away The Roughness

The next step was the marking using the stencil on the plywood sheet. We drew the markings on our 1/4-inch plywood using the stencil. The pieces of plywood sheet will go on top of the wire shelves. So, be aware of the wood grain direction.

4. Cutting The Plywood Sheet Into Pieces

Cutting The Plywood Sheet Into Pieces

We used the miter saw to cut out each plywood piece carefully. Bet before that, clamp your plywood tightly for accuracy. This is an important step so take your time to cut perfectly and accurately. After that, sand the edges for a smooth finish.

To check all the measurements of the cover wire shelf wood pieces, I also tried fitting each plywood piece on a shelf. But they were almost perfect in measurements. After that, I labeled both the wood pieces and the wire shelf.

5. Pine Floating Front Edge

Pine Floating Front Edge

We measured the width of the front of each shelf and cut a piece of 1×3 pine wood. We also labeled these pieces according to the plywood pieces. We used a router to carve a groove along the top backside of each pine board.

6. Attach The Plywood and Pine Pieces

Attach The Plywood and Pine Pieces

We used wood glue to spread it along the groove and placed the plywood. We used Brad Nailer to secure it. We nailed through the top of the plywood into the pine board. We placed nails about 8 inches apart from each other.

7. Sand The Wooden Wire Shelf Covers

Sand The Wooden Wire Shelf Covers

We gave some time to the wooden covers so that the glue could completely dry. After that, we used wood filler to fill the nail holes and gaps. We waited for almost a night to let it dry. Now was the time to sand the shelves. We used sandpaper for a smooth finish.

8. Staining The Wood Covers

Staining The Wood Covers

I stained the shelves completely with a simple rag. You can choose anyone. Remember, the stain may look different on various types of wood. You can also seal the shelves with two coats of clear satin polyurethane. Lightly sand between coats and let them dry completely.

9. Installing The Wooden Wire Shelf Covers

Wire Shelf Covers

The next day, we checked the wire shelf covers wood and they looked perfect. We placed the wood covers on the wire shelves and they gave a stunning look.


Wire shelf covers are great for making wire shelves better. They’re easy to put on and can make your shelves look nice. They’re good for organizing your closet or pantry. You can make them fit how you want. Overall, they make your shelves more useful and attractive. You can

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