How To Organize A Small Closet

Small Closet Ideas – How To Organize A Small Closet


Are you searching for the best Small Closet Ideas to organize a small closet? This query is widespread for people having average bedroom size with small closets for their clothes and shoes. As we all know small closets don’t have enough space to keep many things inside, so we have to organize the things to keep each and everything well maintained. In this article, we’ll cover small closet organization ideas to help you make the most of all the space useful.

How To Organize A Small Closet With Lots Of Clothes?

How To Organize A Small Closet?

Small closets have limited storage to store the clothes. If you have lots of clothes in your bedroom but a small closet to store, there you need smart ways to organize a small closet. So that you can use the maximum space in your closet. But don’t worry! You can still have a stylish closet with the right organization ideas and organizers. These closet organizing tips are useful for any size space, so you can benefit from them.

1. Floating Storage Organizers

small closet ideas

In small closet ideas, You can try to put more shelves in your closet without using any tools like hammer or screw. Strong fabric drawers stick under a shelf with Velcro. You can use these extra drawers to keep underwear or socks in a small closet.

2. Curtains Hooks

small closet ideas

If you like hanging your pants in your closet, you can choose shower curtain hooks, also known as S-hooks. They’re perfect for hanging pants by the belt loop on your clothing rod. These hooks are handy for storing scarves, purses, or belts in your closet.

3. Hanging Organizers Over The Door

small closet ideas

The backs of the closet doors can also be used for hanging organizers. In most of the small closets, this area is often unused. But, it can be proved very useful. You can get an organizer that can hold your favorite accessories like hats, scarves, and shoes. Also, look for one that’s strong and fits well on the door.

4. Coat Racks

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Coat racks are often found in mudrooms and entryways, but they can also be handy in small closets. You can hang them on a wall to keep scarves or on the door for belts. There are many ways to use them. They come in accordion styles that adjust to your space.

5. Storage Hangers

Storage Hanger in Closet

You can use special smart hangers to fit more shirts in a small closet. They clip onto one side of the rod. These hangers let you hang several shirts in the same spot and this is one of the best helpful things in small closet ideas.

6. Clothing Dividers

Clothing Dividers

If you want to pick out clothes quickly, you can use a set of organizers that mark sections for clothing like dresses, shirts, and pants. These clothing categorizers are handy for anyone with clothes. they’re a great way to keep things organized at a glance.

7. Adjustable Closet Hanging Rods

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You might have noticed there’s unused space below the standard clothing rod If you mainly hang coats, jackets, blouses, and shirts in your closet. You can consider adding an adjustable rod to make use of this space. These adjustable closet hanging rods create extra hanging space. Now, you can split your clothes between the two rods. You can also add some new clothes in there.

8. Clothing Folding Technique

closet organizing ideas

You should know how to fold dress shirts and sweaters properly. Folding the clothes is really helpful. It can mean fitting either 10 dresses or 30 dresses in your closet. If you want to improve your folding skills, get a folding board. It makes laundry day easier and keeps things neat.

9. Shelf Dividers

Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers slide onto the shelf and create separate sections between stacks of clothes. You can use as many dividers according to your needs. You can also adjust their spacing based on the width of your clothes

10. Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum Storage Bags

If you have a small closet, changing your clothes for each season can be a hassle. But the right equipment can make it easier and protect your clothes. in smart closet ideas, you can Look for vacuum seal bags that can hold more than their volume. Some other bags like waterproof or bug-proof bags can also be used.

11. Use Tiered Hangers

closet organizing ideas

Tiered hangers are awesome. They hold many pants on one hanger, keeping your closet tidy. You can find hangers with swing arms for easy access.

12. Add a Small Drawer Dresser

closet organizing ideas

You can put a drawer dresser inside the closet to store more things. But If your closet is deep you can adjust this dresser inside, no matter how much wider your closet is. You can find small dressers that are just a little wider than two feet in the nearby local stores. This helps you hide pants, underwear, and other things neatly.

Small Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

Small Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas

Many people have small bedrooms in their homes. These bedrooms offer small closets. If your home feels cluttered due to limited storage, you may consider small closet ideas to maximize your space. You don’t need a walk-in closet for effective storage. With the right information & organizers, even small closets can be useful and make life easier.

1. Use The Wall Space

closet organizing ideas

If your small closet has few shelves, make the most of the space by using the walls. You can use shelves for items that can’t go elsewhere, and hang bags, jewelry, and hats on the wall. This not only adds storage but also doubles as decoration.

2. Store Your Shoes in Boxes

closet organizing ideas

Shoe racks sound good, but they can hide your favorite shoes. So, you can try stacking acrylic shoe boxes for your shoe collection. Boxes with drawers are even better. You can easily take out or put back a pair without unstacking everything.

3. Labeling the Storage Baskets

Labeling the Storage Baskets

You can put seasonal accessories, clothes, and socks in storage baskets and add labels. In this way, you can find what you need easily and make your closet look neat.

4. Mirror On The Door

You can also hang a mirror on your closet door. If your small closet doesn’t have room on the walls for a mirror to try on outfits, the door is a good spot.

5. Flexible Shelves

closet organizing ideas

If your closet doesn’t have shelves, you’re missing out on a great way to organize. You can add them easily without DIY. Simply look for designs that can adjust to fit your closet width, and you’ll instantly double your storage space.

6. Utility Baskets

Utility Baskets for closet

If you don’t like strict organization, you can still make your closet look tidy with baskets. Simply put them on a shelf or use them to keep shoes together on the closet floor.

7. Donation Bin

closet storage ideas

Sometimes, organizing a closet can be hard when you keep clothes you don’t need. This is especially true in small spaces. To help, keep a small basket in your closet for clothes you want to give away. You can hide the basket when you’re not using it.

8. Accessories On A Tray

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If your accessories and glasses, wristwatches are everywhere, try using a tray to organize them. You can put smaller containers in the tray to sort items. This way, you can move everything easily.

9. Modular System

Modular System in closet

A combination of pull-out drawers and shelving goes a long way in a small closet. A modular closet system features both. This module makes it easier to store accessories and other small items.

10. Open Closet

Open Closet system

An open closet makes you choose your clothes carefully because they’re always visible. You can set this up without spending much by getting free-standing bookshelves or arranging closet pieces.

How To Make Closet More Functionable?

How To Make Closet More Functionable?

A good organization system is important in a small closet. We can make the closet more functionable by following small closet organization ideas. Also, there are some other hacks with which you can make use of every inch of your closet. Even though it’s not as big as a walk-in closet, there are smart storage solutions you can use to make the most of the space.

1. Use A Rolling Cart

Use A Rolling Cart

If your closet doubles as storage for hair care products, and makeup, you can give a try to get a slim rolling cart. It can be moved in and out of your closet and around your room easily. It also helps you to streamline your morning routine.

2. Carry On Bags

Carry On Bags

You are not bound to the visible limited options. Think outside the box to make the most of your small closet space. You can use your suitcase for off-season clothes. You can use a large tote bag to store smaller bags and hang your umbrella and raincoat on the same hanger for convenient storage.

3. Valet Rods

closet organizing ideas

You can use a valet rod for closet organizing purposes. This is one of the best small closet ideas. You can choose a foldable style and install it in your closet corner. This organizer keeps outfits together, making getting ready easy.

4. A Storage Seater

China Cabinets

You can choose a storage seater for your small closet. It is a multi-functional closet organizer. It can hold extra items inside and also serve as a seat while dressing. You can even use it as a step stool. Plus, it folds up flat for easy storage when not in use.

6. Multitask Organizer

Multitask Organizer for closet

Multi-purpose products are great for small closet organizations. An over-the-door organizer with a full-length mirror provides storage for makeup, jewelry, and accessories. No doubt, it gives you the most value for your money.

6. LED Motion Detector Light

LED Motion Detector Light

If you don’t have any light in your closet, a motion detector LED Light with a warm glow is a good option for you. It turns on when it senses motion and turns off when you’re finished. It’s rechargeable and doubles as a flashlight. It is simply amazing for illuminating the darkest corners of your closet.

7. Clothing Rack

Clothing Rack

If you’re living in an apartment without a closet, a clothing rack is one of the best storage organizers. You can find one with multiple storage options like rods and shelves, along with space for accessories like shoes.


In the end, a small closet no doubt gives small storage for your belongings. But, if you have enough information about storage organizers for small closets you can utilize every inch of your closet. As we have explained how to organize a small closet, you can easily follow these smart closet hacks to maintain your clothes. You can find more useful information on

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