Standard Curtain Sizes

Standard Curtain Sizes – Best Curtain Length Guide


Choosing the perfect Curtain Sizes can add finishing to your window’s beauty. In this article, I will tell you all about the Standard curtain sizes which can add a charming and luxurious look to your rooms. A curtain’s size is measured by its length and height. The standard length of a curtain starts from 84 to 144 inches. In comparison, its width can vary from 24 inches for small windows and up to 100+ inches for bigger windows.

There are some other things to consider like whether the curtains should touch the floor or not. Plus which curtain size is better for the living room, bedroom, or other rooms in your house? In this article, we’ll discuss all the standard curtain sizes and their usage according to the window sizes.

Standard Curtain Length

Standard Curtain Length

Curtain length depends on the window sizes. You should also consider ceiling height when choosing your beautiful curtains. Standard curtains length start from 84 to 144 inches. Here are some suggestions for you.

When choosing curtain length, aim for them to either lightly touch the floor or have a slight bunch of fabric on the floor. You can use 84-inch length curtains for standard-height windows. 90 & 95 inches length curtains are used for 8 feet ceilings. 108-inch length curtains for 9 feet ceilings and 120 & 144-inch length curtains are used for 10 to 12 feet ceilings.

1. Curtain Length For Smaller Windows

Curtain Length For Smaller Windows

Many of us have installed shorter windows in our houses. You can use 84-inch length curtains for these types of windows that don’t reach all the way to the floor. If you want to cover the bottom sill with the curtains, simply put the curtain rod above the window frame. It hides the rod and keeps everything looking tidy.

Some windows are also at unusual heights, you can adjust the curtain length accordingly in this case. Just make sure to leave at least an extra half-inch of fabric so it can pool slightly on the floor.

2. Curtain Length For 8 Feet Ceilings & Standard Windows Height

Curtain Length For 8 Feet Ceilings & Standard Windows Height

If you have installed a window size with standard height and you have 8 feet high ceilings you can consider installing curtains with 90 to 95 inches long. They lightly touch the floor. This creates a balanced appearance, with the curtains neatly framing the window.

You can choose slightly longer curtains depending on your liking. It allows them to puddle on the floor. Short-length curtains are usually not liked by the people that leave the windowsill exposed.

3. Curtains For Tall Windows From Floor To Ceiling

Curtains For Tall Windows From Floor To Ceiling

For really tall floor-to-ceiling windows, you can choose 120 & 144-inch length curtains. If you have 10-foot ceilings, consider using 120-inch tall curtains, and for 12-foot ceilings, 144-inch standard-length curtains would be best. These floor-to-ceiling curtains match your ceiling height. These curtains give the room a fancy, luxurious vibe if puddled generously on the floor.

Make sure not to pick curtains that are too short for these tall windows. They’ll look oddly small compared to the size of the windows.

Standard Curtain Width

Standard Curtain Width

Curtain width matters a lot as it is important for making them look just right when they hang. You should choose a rod that sticks out 2 to 3 inches on each side of the window frame for a normal look. Here are some standard curtain widths for different types of windows.

If you have installed narrow windows in your room, you can use 24 to 36-inch wide curtains. For medium-width windows, you can choose 40 to 50-inch wide curtains. For large windows, use 70 to 90-inch wide curtains, and for sliding doors and extra wide windows, use 100+ inches wide curtains.

1. Curtain Width For Narrow Windows

Curtain Width For Narrow Windows

Narrow windows range from 24 to 36 inches wide. You can use curtains that are almost 1.5 to 2 times wider than the window size. For example, if your kitchen has a 24-inch window, you can use curtains that are 36 inches wide. This makes it look tidy without lots of extra fabric.

2. Curtain Width For Larger Windows

Curtain Width For Larger Windows

You have to use wider curtains as compared to narrow windows for wide windows and sliding glass doors. These windows require longer curtain rods and really wide panels.

If your windows are 70 to 90 inches wide, you can use panels that are 2 to 2.5 times wider than the window. For even bigger windows, panels that are 120 to 240 inches wide create lovely folding effects. You can use extra-long 145-inch curtain rods so the panels can stack up neatly when opened.

3. Curtain Width For Separate Windows

If you have two separate windows at home and want to cover them using curtains. Simply make each curtain panel a bit wider than each window. Then, let the panels overlap in the middle by about 6 inches. This way, the windows look like one unit and you still cover them completely.

Standard Curtain Sizes For Rooms

Standard Curtain Sizes For Rooms

Each room in a house demands a unique interior design, especially curtains. These curtains play an important role to beautify a room and give it a cozy and romantic vibe. You can install curtains on windows using rods in your rooms as per your liking. You can also hang curtains without rods with some special tricks. All the rooms demand certain curtain sizes.

1. Curtains For Bedroom

Curtains For Bedroom

If you have an average bedroom size, you can choose curtains from 84 to 95 inches long to hang. Just try to not let the curtains touch the floor. It will look good this way.

Curtains with 36-inch lengths can be used for small basement windows. These curtains reach the sill. They make the room feel cozy without taking over.

2. Curtains For Living Room

Curtains For Living Room

Long curtains starting from 120 to 144 inches in length give a unique look in formal living rooms. They give a luxurious vibe while puddling generously on the floor. You can also use 95-inch long curtains that touch the floor depending on the window size.

3. Curtains For Dining Room

Curtains For Dining Room

For a fancy dining room, choose curtains that are 108 to 120 inches long. They’ll make the room look elegant, but make sure they don’t touch any buffet tables. If you want the best look, put the curtain rod above the window, not on the ceiling.

4. Curtains For Kitchen

Curtains For Kitchen

Usually, shorter curtains are utilized in the kitchen for convenience. Curtains that are 60 to 84 inches long give privacy but still let light in. Valances can also make it look like you have bigger curtains without the extra work.

How To Measure For The Curtains

How To Measure For The Curtains

Curtains are costly so think twice before ordering the right size. You should measure properly for your curtains. Here are some important tips to know if you are going to order your curtains and want to know the exact size of your curtains.

  • Write down the width and length measurements in inches. Round them up to the nearest inch.
  • Always use a measuring tape to measure the dimensions.
  • Measure from where you’ll hang the rod to where you want the curtains to reach. That’s how long your curtains should be.
  • If the curtain hanging rods are outside, measure how tall and wide each window is. If the rods are mounted inside, measure what you see of the window.
  • When measuring the rod length you need, always remember the extra inches to include any decorative hardware like finials. So, leave at least 2 inches on each side of the rod just in case.
  • After noting down the curtain size, order panels 2 inches wider than needed. So there’s room to hem the fabric if it’s too long.
  • Always measure the entire window area, not just each panel. For example, if you have two windows and each window is 20 inches side by side, it means you’ll need a total of 80 inches of curtain panels.
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Now that I’ve discussed all the necessary information regarding standard curtain sizes, you can easily choose the right curtain sizes for your home. If you want to measure the curtains’ sizes and order them, simply use the above tips and follow the regular curtain sizes by length and width, and order them depending on your room’s style and needs. With these tips, you’ll find curtains that fit your windows perfectly and look great in your rooms.

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