Spanish Style House

Spanish Style House – Spanish Interior Design Ideas


Spanish style house is superb architecture because they are designed very well from inside and out. These homes give a cozy and romantic vibe. They pay attention to little details that make them look nice and also help with the weather. In this article, I’ll cover all the hidden beauties of this style of home as well as interior design for Spanish-style homes.

1. Spanish Style House: Ceilings

Spanish Style House Ceilings

Spanish style homes have high ceilings. But sometimes their ceiling heights are even more than the average height from 8 to 10 feet. Especially these homes have higher living room ceilings to make the space feel larger and the decor more prominent.

2. Spanish Style Homes: Doorways

Spanish Style House doorways

Arched doorways in Spanish-style houses is a most common feature. These curved shaped doorways are lovely. They bring in more light and decoration without making the place feel heavy. They also separate rooms and create a nice entrance between them.

3. Spanish Style Homes: Covered Walkways With Arches

Spanish Style Homes Covered Walkways With Arches

An arcade is like a series of arches supported by columns but sometimes with wooden beams. These columns are usually found on patios or walkways, Spanish style interior has arcade walkways made of metal and glass. These homes have bigger windows and open spaces layouts. This allows fresh air to flow freely and makes the place brighter. Also adding arcade walkways to your house can give your interior a Spanish touch.

4. Spanish Style Home: Color Palette

Spanish Style Home Color Palette

In Spanish-style homes, the colors inside are warm and cozy, like the colors you see in nature. They remind you of things like the earth, beaches, and the sky. The paint colors look like they come from natural stuff. For example, off-white colors remind you of pebbles and shells, red-orange color of ceramic tiles on the roof, looks earthy. Also, blue colors bring to mind the ocean and the sky, while yellow and gold colors make you think of sandy beaches.

5. Spanish Style Home: Wood Floors

Spanish Style Home Wood Floors

These homes often have darkwood floors. They absorb sunlight, so they don’t lose their shine as quickly as lighter floors. Dark hardwood floors stay looking nice for a long time. Especially, if your room has big windows.

6. Spanish Style Houses: Tiles

Spanish Style Houses Tiles

These houses have painted pattern tiles. This is another major element of interior design for Spanish style home. These strong tiles can be used in many places like walkways, stairs, fireplaces, and patios. They add color and style to the inside of homes and other buildings.

7. Spanish Style House: Ironwork

Spanish Style House Ironwork

Traditional ironwork in mostly things like gates, door decorations, light fixtures, stair rails, and window grilles is another unique feature of these houses. You can also use wooden beams for the barndominium kitchen. For a Spanish-style interior, you can consider using wrought iron banisters on big balconies and staircases. They keep you safe from falling and give you a unique look.

8. Spanish Style House: Curtains

Spanish Style House Curtains

Thick curtains in dark red or brown colors are common in these homes. They help you to keep out cold in winter and block heat in summer. Thus they maintain the house temperature. These curtains look nice and help you feel comfortable inside.

9. Spanish Style Home: Walls

Spanish Style Home Walls

Spanish-style homes have rough textured stucco exteriors of Spanish haciendas. It’s made by mixing sand with plaster, lime, and water. This creates a strong material that can be shaped into any form. They’ve been using this stucco since the 15th century.

10. Spanish-Style Homes: Doors

Spanish-Style Homes Doors

Doors are the most important for interior design Spanish style. Inside these homes, you’ll often find carved wooden doors at the entrance and inside too. These doors usually have iron details to make them stand out more. They’re typically made from alder wood, and the iron accents include handmade iron straps, nails, forged iron grills, and bars. These decorative touches are essential for giving the home a Spanish vibe.

11. Spanish-Style Houses: Chimneys

Spanish-Style Houses Chimneys

These types of homes often have tall chimneys that look like towers. They have windows and roofs made of tiles to match the building. These chimneys let smoke out and bring fresh air to the fire. The idea for these chimneys came from Europe. They became taller and fancier with decorations like carvings and niches. Sometimes, many chimneys were grouped to send smoke to one central chimney.

12. Spanish-Style Homes: Roof Tiles

Spanish-Style Homes Roof Tiles

The red clay roofs of Spanish homes look nice and cozy. These roof tiles are made of Terracotta. This material adds a Spanish touch to the interior design. This material can also be used for walls. Its rough texture makes rooms feel warm and inviting.

13. Spanish-Style Home: Patio & Garden

Spanish-Style Home Patio & Garden

Spending quality time with family and friends in your outdoor spaces is a blessing if your home has a patio outside. Spanish homes mostly have large courtyards and roomy patios. Outdoor fireplaces are also common now. So that, you have a wonderful evening with your loved ones.

14. Spanish-Style House: Balconies

Spanish-Style House Balconies

Balconies are a common feature of Spanish-style home architecture. You can have a wonderful view from your balconies. They also let you enjoy fresh air and the beauty of nature without leaving home.

15. Spanish-Style Houses: Fountain

Spanish-Style Houses Fountain

Fountains help cool down during hot summers. These fountains serve as sanctuaries from dry weather. They also enhance the interior beauty of Spanish-style homes.

16. Spanish-Style Home: Mirrors

Spanish-Style Home Mirrors

Mirrors play an important part in interior design for Spanish style home. No doubt, they reflect light and make rooms look bigger. Mirrors also draw attention to artwork and fireplaces. You can put a mirror across from a window. This lets in more natural light. Spanish interiors feel light and relaxed using mirrors, big windows, and white walls.

17. Spanish-Style Homes: Fireplaces

Spanish-Style Homes Fireplaces

One of the most important features of Spanish homes is stone fireplaces. These fireplaces give a unique look to your home.

18. Spanish-Style Houses: Pottery

Spanish-Style Houses Pottery

Now many people are taking an interest in Spanish home design. Spanish style Interior is becoming more popular since the mid-19th century. These homes are eye-catching and are close to nature. They are airy and brighter as compared to other architectural styles of homes. Their interior looks simple and unique. You can plan a Spanish style touch to your home or interior too as it is mostly liked by the people.


Pottery has always played an important role in interior Spanish style homes. Mexican clay pots and vases can enhance the decor with their vibrant colors. These pottery pieces have a long history, dating back over five centuries in Mexico. One popular Mexican pottery type is Talavera pottery. You can find these potteries anywhere, especially on the pottery-related websites.

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