How To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling holes

How To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling


Are you living in a renter apartment and afraid to drill holes to hang blinds on a window or door or do not want to damage your beautiful walls for drapes? Now you don’t need traditional drilling to hang blinds. No drill blinds have solved this problem as they don’t require any drilling.

These blinds are a great way to add privacy, block light, and enhance your home’s decor. They can give your home a touch of sophistication and luxury. No drill blinds are easy to put up without screws. They use tension, sticky adhesive, or magnets to stay in place. No doubt, they’re great for renters or anyone who wants a hassle-free way to hang curtains or blinds. Today, I’ll share with you my experience of my last renter apartment regarding how to install window blinds without drilling.

How To Install No Drill Blinds

How To Install No Drill Blinds

There are many ways to install blinds without drilling but I’ll focus here on what I used to hang no drill blinds on windows and doors with the help of my friend Adam. I used 4 different methods to hang drapes on my windows and door.

1. By Using Tension Rods

By Using Tension Rods

Tension rods are a great way to hang blinds without screws or brackets. They work by applying pressure between the window frame, providing a secure hold for your blinds. This makes them a convenient and popular solution for hanging blinds.

I used tension rods to hang drapes on my bathroom window. I measured the width of the window frame from the inside. I bought a tension rod that matches the width. You can choose adjustable rods too. I twisted the rod to expand it slightly wider than the frame. After that, I inserted one end into the frame and twisted the other end until secure. Now it was time to hang the blinds on the rod using the provided hooks or ringlets. After everything was done, I adjusted the blinds to ensure they were level and aligned. You can also install cat proof curtains by using tension rods.

2. By Using Command Hooks

By Using Command Hooks

Command hooks are a great solution for hanging blinds without drilling. They’re perfect for renters or anyone who wants a quick and easy installation process. These adhesive hooks are designed to be damage-free, so you can hang your blinds with confidence.

I used command hooks to avoid drilling on the window in my living room. I cleaned the window frame surface where I wanted to attach the command hooks. I chose the right size and weight capacity of command hooks for the blinds. I simply removed the protective backing, pressed the hook firmly onto the cleaned surface, and held it for the recommended time for optimal adhesion. After that I hung the blinds on the command hooks, ensuring even spacing and alignment. You can easily adjust the space between the hooks according to your curtain and average window size.

Please remember the command hooks come in different sizes and weight capacities, so you can choose the right one for your blinds. This makes them a versatile and convenient solution for hanging blinds without drilling or using screws.

3. Magnetic Blinds

Magnetic Blinds

Magnetic blinds are a great choice for people who are looking for how to install window blinds without drilling. They use magnets to attach to your metal window frame. This creates a clean and minimalist look while providing effective light control and privacy.

I simply measured the window frame to get the right size of magnetic blinds and purchased it. I attached the magnetic brackets to the metal window frame, spacing them evenly. After that, I installed the blinds by aligning the magnets with the brackets. The magnets will hold the blinds securely in place.

Please keep in mind that these no drill blinds are perfect for metal window frames. If your frame is made of another material, you must consider alternative hanging options. You can also use this method to hang curtains without rods.

4. Adhesive Blinds

Adhesive Blinds

If you want hassle-free installation for your window blinds, try self-adhesive blinds. They come with a strong adhesive strip that’s easy to apply.

After measuring the length and width, I ordered the adhesive blinds from a website. For installation, I cleaned the area, removed the protective strip, stuck the blinds to the window frame, and pressed firmly for a secure hold.

These self-adhesive no drill blinds come in various sizes and styles to suit your needs. You can give your home a neat look with effortless installation. You can also use the top of curtain light blocker to completely block the sunlight.

How To Hang Blinds Without Brackets

How To Hang Blinds Without Brackets

You can easily hang blinds without brackets for your windows and doors. You can use command strips if you are looking for how to install blinds without drilling or brackets. These hooks use adhesive command strips to hang different blinds on walls or window frames.

This method is very easy to use. Simply place two hooks on each side and one in the middle of the window frame for extra support. After that, use a needle to attach fabric loops to the back of the blinds. After installing the hooks in the window frame, simply loop the blinds onto the three command hooks to hang them securely.

Remember, the adhesive strips can hold up to 15 pounds. If you’re doing this for the first time, take your time and be careful with each step.

French Door No Drill Blinds

French Door No Drill Blinds

French door blinds are a window treatment that fits perfectly on French doors. They provide privacy, control light, and add style to the doors. They come in different styles, materials, and operating systems, such as sliding panels, cellular shades, and roller shades.

You can use adhesive strips like suction cups, command strips, magnetic attachments, or tension-based systems to hang drapes on doors. But the magnetic blinds work well on these doors.

Simply measure the width and length of the door to choose the right blinds. After that, clean the door and surrounding area to ensure a secure hold. Just purchase the right-sized magnetic blinds. These blinds use super strong magnets to hold heavy weights. Each blind has two magnets: one on the inside and one on the outside. These magnets work together to securely hold the blind in place. These strong magnets are built into the blinds, allowing you to easily tilt, lower, and lift the slats. You can place the magnetic slider on either side of the window to control the slats.

This method is straightforward and useful even if you want to install blinds without screws.

How To Hang Roman Blinds Without Brackets

How To Hang Roman Blinds Without Brackets

Roman blinds can be hung easily without brackets. You don’t need to drill or damage your beautiful walls. Tension rod installation is the best option here for you to hang Roman blinds on the window.

You can buy a tension rod according to your window frame size or an adjustable tension rod to fit it inside the window frame perfectly. Simply insert one end into the frame and twist the other end. Now, you can easily hang your blinds onto the rod using the hooks. You can adjust the alignment and level easily of your no drill blinds.

How To Hang Roller Blinds Without Drilling Holes

How To Hang Roller Blinds Without Drilling Holes

If you want to install window blinds without drilling, tension rods, and command strips are your best options. Tension rods are quick and easy to use, while command strips offer a more permanent and secure solution that can last for years. Both options are great alternatives to drilling and can provide a clean and sleek look for your windows.

If you want to choose a tension rod, measure your window size-wisely for the perfect tension rod length. You can choose an adjustable tension rod too. Simply place that rod inside the frame and hang your roller blinds.

If you want to install command strips, simply clean the surface where you want to install the strips. Simply apply command strips there, and hang your no drill blinds.

How To Fit Venetian Blinds Without Drilling

How To Fit Venetian Blinds Without Drilling

You can install Venetian blinds without drilling. Some collections, like Elisse and Couture, come cordless and crankless. For a screw-free installation, you can use a strong peel-back adhesive to mount the blinds on your window frame.

Note that Venetian blinds can be heavy, so a strong adhesive is essential. If you are using heavy blinds for adhesive, use a tension rod to hold them in place.

How To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling


I have covered all the useful methods to hang no drill blinds on windows or doors. You don’t need all the equipment and tools. These are very easy methods to apply. I hope you find this information useful and if you have questions regarding how to install window blinds without drilling, simply leave a comment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between blinds and shades?

Blinds are window coverings with horizontal slats that can be adjusted to control light. Shades, on the other hand, are made of fabric and have only two positions: open or closed. However, some shades have light-filtering fabric that allows natural light in while maintaining privacy.

Do blinds fit inside or outside the window?

Blinds can be installed in two ways: inside the space between the wall and the glass or outside the recess also called the “actual fit”.

Venetian blinds are a timeless and popular choice, with a history spanning centuries. They feature horizontal slats, typically two inches wide, connected by cloth tapes or cords.

Can you put blinds on any window?

Shallow frame windows are ideal for outside mount blinds and shades, which can be installed on the window frame, on the surrounding wall, and the ceiling above. This offers flexible installation options.

Are no drill blinds any good?

No-drill blinds are a convenient and easy solution for updating your windows. They’re hassle-free and come in a variety of fabrics.

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