Easy backyard landscaping ideas

Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas 2024


Easy backyard landscaping ideas on a budget can transform your outdoor spaces into beautiful, well-decorated patio party lawns. Decorating the backyard has become a must extension to be added. This backyard can be helpful for a pool party cookout, or movie night with friends and family. Here are some cheap outdoor decorating tricks and large DIY upgrades to help you recreate backyard landscaping. These backyard ideas on a budget can save you thousands of dollars. You can try these 27 easy backyard landscaping ideas for decks, porches, pools, and sheds.

1. Vintage Backyard Landscaping Elements

Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas

There are many vintage landscaping elements for example trellises or arbors out there in resale shops and markets. Trellises and arbors are both decorative garden structures. Both of them add beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. The main purpose of trellises is to support climbing plants while arbors are arched or curved overhead structures used to create an entryway or passageway These inexpensive landscaping elements give a unique touch to backyard patios.

2. Vertical Gardening Tips & Tricks

Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas

A simple budget-friendly gardening project can be a very easy and inexpensive idea for your backyard. Simple-made wood boxes hanging from hooks are used for vertical gardening. These cheap backyard designs are used for small plants. Mouthwatering and low-growing vegetables can be planted in these ways. These outdoor vertical gardens on blank walls and spaces give a unique look to your backyard.

3. Display a Collection in Backyard

Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Collections are mostly considered expensive but you can use budget-friendly containers as a focal point for your backyards. This simple outdoor backyard idea can be helpful for your plants. Simple mini containers and plain shelves can hold low-cost cactus plants.

4. Backyard Lighting Ideas

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lights always become a source of attraction & beauty at night. They give a warm glow welcoming the family for a wonderful night party. You can use these backyard lightings by wrapping them around a tree or even covering down a table. You can even arrange some comfortable chairs and add some ambient lighting. Large candle holders can also be used to beautify backyard landscapes.

5. Make DIY Planters

Make DIY Planters

This is one of the easy backyard landscaping ideas used for large outdoor planters. As we know container gardening adds interesting colors and layers to the backyard and becomes a source of attraction. But large outdoor planters are mostly expensive. Simply create your easy-to-make containers from plastic at home. These DIY geometric planters are budget-friendly and give a unique look.

6. Backyard Furniture Ideas

Backyard Furniture ideas

Outdoor furniture can be costly, but there are a few tips that you can apply to your existing furniture. You can buy new furniture for your backyard but if you do not want to spend money, simply follow these DIY fixes to revive your existing pieces. This cheap backyard idea will also work for larger spaces. Simply use spray paints over a rusted patio table. New strapping and slight cleanup can be very helpful for your existing furniture to turn it into brand-new-looking outdoor furniture.

7. Vintage or Handmade Backyard Decor

Vintage or Handmade Backyard Decor

Vintage or handmade backyard decor is one of the best ideas for the backyard on a budget that can save plenty of time and money. Simply make fabric curtains from sheets and other suitable materials from your home. Add some extra beauty to the fabric and utilize them. These curtains can also be used to shield from intense rays and light during daytime. Add some vintage elements to decorate backyard focal points. Also, nonfunctional chandeliers can be used with candles.

8. Use Off-the-Shelf Materials

Use Off-the-Shelf Materials

Another low-cost easy backyard landscaping idea is the utilization of the shelf material. Creative redesigning can save you a lot of money instead of those expensive custom elements. Simple concrete blocks can be used to raise the lengths of decking. The same materials used for concrete blocks can also be used in different configurations to create an outdoor side table, coffee table, or dining table. These cheap backyard ideas are easy to manage even if your budget is tight.

9. Low-Cost Backyard Seating Ideas

Low-Cost Backyard Seating Ideas

The seating backyard idea properly utilizes your outdoor space. It doesn’t need any extra furniture supplies. Simply use rugs and chairs for the people to sit down in a specific way utilizing the outdoor space. Separate these seatings with a few shifts in furniture. This shifting method is useful to outline cooking, eating, and more.

10. Cozy Backyard Ideas

Cozy Backyard Ideas

This budget-friendly backyard idea is one of the easy backyard landscaping ideas that can help give a cozy touch to your wood and metal patio furniture. Simply choose a long-lasting outdoor fabric having spectacular patterns with bright color to cover pillows.

11. Backyard Living Fence Idea

Backyard Living Fence Idea

This living fence idea is no doubt a unique and attractive backyard landscaping idea. Simply plant a tree and trim it from time to time to grow in a unique pattern. Although this budget-friendly backyard landscaping idea takes time because it is a natural process. In return, the backyard looks well furnished and great due to its high-end look. It also adds a texture to a blank wall.

12. Inexpensive Backyard Paving Material

Inexpensive Backyard Paving Material

Inexpensive paving materials can also enhance the beauty of your backyard landscape. Hardscaping including cheap crushed rock and stones. These pebbles and rocks provide a more easygoing surface underfoot for outdoor seating and dining areas. To reduce the total material required, use traditional pavers.

13. Small Backyard Ideas

Small Backyard Ideas

If you have a small backyard consider this one a cheap and best idea for you to utilize. Use the furniture that can give you an extra benefit. For example, select built-in storage furniture that gives you the additional benefit of seating as well as storage to hide the accessories that are mostly used. In this case, furniture works in two different ways. Also, a bench with a lounger maximizes space and on the other hand, it can be more inexpensive than buying multiple seating options.

14. DIY Backyard Fire Pit Idea

DIY Backyard Fire Pit Idea

Backyard firepits play an important role in a summer night gathering with family and friends. You don’t have to need expensive materials to make a backyard firepit. You can make your DIY backyard fire pit with a few inexpensive materials. It includes angled pavers and stones to make the base. You can complete this over a weekend and your family and friends can enjoy bonfires for years. Also please check your homeowner’s association rules and regulations regarding fire pits before installing one in your backyard.

15. Build Color with Containers

Build Color with Containers

As we know containers give a unique look adding to your backyard’s beauty, but what if we match seasonal flower plants with the container’s color and design? This adds a beautiful impact to a backyard. These matching containers provide design cohesion. You can also use a stone slab on top of a lumber scrap to introduce a unique feature of a casual outdoor side table.

16. Update Old Planters Paint

Update Old Planters Paint

Old planters give a rough look after a certain period. So if you don’t like this outdated look of your old planters simply use a little spray paint. This will completely change the look of your backyard.

17. Paint Outdoor Backyard Furniture

Paint Outdoor Backyard Furniture

If you have old outdoor furniture in your home you can turn this furniture into brand new furniture after a little work and paint. Create a faux driftwood paint finish on outdoor furniture by sealing it well to protect it from harsh weather conditions. This will also extend the life of outdoor patio furniture.

18. Large Planters as Side Tables

Large Planters as Side Tables

Large planters can be very helpful even if you’re not using them. Simply flip it upside down to use it as an outdoor side table. This gives a unique look to your backyard landscaping. Old oak barrels can also be used as side tables to set down drinks.

19. Hang Solar Pendants & String Lights

Hang Solar Pendants & String Lights

There is a bundle of budget-friendly lighting options out there for your backyard. Some of them are solar-powered lights like solar pendant lights and some of them use low electricity for example string lights. You can use these functional lights around fire pits, pools, trees, porches, patios, and anywhere else you like. The string lights give a wow factor to a small backyard. You can even use solar-powered pendant lights to hang in trees, under canopies, or suspended above patio dining tables if your house gets enough sunlight.

20. Set Up Backyard Lawn Games

Set Up Backyard Lawn Games

There are plenty of lawn games like cornhole, ladder toss, water balloon games, and ice breaker to set in your backyard landscaping. This can help you to entertain and have fun with your family and kids.

21. Repurpose a Potting Bench Into an Outdoor Bar

Repurpose a Potting Bench Into an Outdoor Bar

If you have an old potting bench at your house it can be very helpful. Now you can have your outdoor bar in your backyard. Simply clear off the dirt and plants before using it. You can use a wooden rack, a rattan basket, a ceramic basket, and a cutting board for multiple purposes to serve your guests.

22. Backyard Theater Screen Setup

Backyard Theater Screen Setup

This is one of the easy backyard landscaping ideas to entertain your loved ones. You can easily set up a backyard theater screen by utilizing a shower curtain liner and some wires. This can be helpful for a family gathering or friends reunion at a night party.

23. DIY Backyard Accents

DIY Backyard Accents

DIY Backyard accents can elevate your backyard space. Quick-mix concrete is used to cast stepping stones. There are many styles of stepping stones depending on the garden layout. For example, a Leaf-inspired stepping stone set works particularly well in a cottage or country-inspired garden.

24. Backyard Hardscaping Ideas

Backyard Hardscaping Ideas

There is no doubt that hardscaping is one of the most expensive elements in any landscape if you are going to work for maintaining walls, walkways, and edging. But there is another solution for you if you want an inexpensive option. Simply go to your local landscaping shops, or nursery supply stores to find stone leftovers at a low price. These stones give a natural and always-been-there-part feeling to the yard as they are placed together in a dry stack. Plant flat-growing groundcovers to soften the edges with charming flowers.

25. Smart Investment Backyard Landscaping Idea

Smart Investment backyard landscaping idea

A smart investment backyard landscaping idea is that you should focus on only one item or element to invest. It depends on you if you focus on spending a little extra on cozy fabric, furniture recasting, firepits, plant containers, or plantation. So, make a smart investment according to your affordable accents to finish your backyard landscaping.

26. DIY Backyard Ideas

DIY Backyard Ideas

You can decorate your backyard with this creative idea that minimizes costs and materials. All it takes is a little time and effort from your side. Oversized concrete pavers are used for the patio. To build the containers and table base, simply use building materials. A slatted fence is used to lower down wood cost. This fence is usually wider than the others due to the boards being spaced a bit wider. This is one of the easy backyard landscaping ideas that minimize costs as well as give an attractive look.

27. Plant Inexpensive Colorful Perennials

Plant Inexpensive Colorful Perennials

The biggest benefit of perennials is that you don’t have to worry about these plants at the end of a season. As they come back year after year you don’t have to worry about the money for a long time. This is an inexpensive backyard landscaping idea to fill your flower beds with colorful perennials and wait till the spring season to watch them bloom.


These are the budget-friendly easy backyard landscaping ideas that can turn your backyard into an attractive outdoor extension. These cheap ideas for backyards can create opportunities to bring closer the loved ones and make the best memories with them. So do not ever feel defeated about your backyard if you have a low budget. It is really hard to make some time for family gatherings or friends reunions nowadays. So the best investment you can make is with your time and a little hard work to utilize these inexpensive ideas for your backyard. Turn your backyard into a unique eye-catching and attractive house extension and have some fun and entertainment with your family and friends.

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