Wall Panelling Ideas for Living Rooms

Modern Wall Panelling Ideas For Living Room 2024


Trending Wall paneling ideas for living rooms can beautify your living space. They’re not new. People used them for insulation and protection before, but now they’re mostly for decoration. If you’re fixing up a whole place or just want to make your current living rooms look better, wall paneling ideas can help. Especially, there are plenty of living room wall paneling ideas to give your room a completely new look. What’s great about them is they can change how a room feels without much work.

There are different types of panelling ideas for living room, from classic board-and-batten to modern geometric patterns. To pick the best one for your home, think about the room’s size, style, features, and layout. Whether you want a simple accent or to panel the whole room, we’re sharing some creative ideas to make your home more charming and unique.

What Does Wall Paneling Include?

Wall Panelling Ideas for Living Room

Wall paneling is like an art. There are many styles and designs, but it mainly depends on where you put it and how you arrange it. You can attach panels to the wall in a neat pattern, covering just part of the wall or the whole thing from bottom to top. Typically, panels are cut into pieces and stuck onto the wall to create a pattern, like slats, squares, or rectangles. They add texture to the wall, making the room more interesting by playing with shadows and light.

Wall Panelling Ideas for Living Room

Wall Panelling Ideas for Living Room

Unlike painting or putting up wallpaper or tiles, you can use panels to redo a space in just a few hours. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or any other room, there are many styles to choose from to make your ideas come to life. However, the team of styleofhome.com will cover here trendy 15 wall panelling ideas for living room.

1. Stone Rustic Fireplace Wall Millwork

Stone Rustic Fireplace Wall Millwork

In this living room, there’s a beautiful millwork around a cozy stone fireplace. For a smooth and blended appearance, paint the paneling the same color as the walls. If you want a bold and immersive feel, especially with darker paint, take it a step further by painting the molding, window, and door trim the same color too.

2. Board and Batten Paneling

Board and Batten Paneling

Board-and-batten wall paneling is one of the most followed wall panelling designs for living rooms. It involves narrow strips, called battens. These battens are then placed over larger, flat boards. It’s commonly found in Craftsman, cottage, and farmhouse-style homes. Although, it can suit many design styles. While it’s usually installed on the lower part of walls, it extends up to the vaulted ceiling in the room. It adds a surprising twist to the traditional approach.

3. Geometric Wall Panelling

Geometric Wall Panelling

There’s a medium-sized living room with a mix of traditional and modern styles. The room has dark wood floors and geometric paneling on the walls. The walls are painted blue, and there’s a TV mounted on the wall. Try different shapes and sizes to give classic wall paneling a modern twist. There’s no fireplace in this room.

4. Wallpaper and Wainscoting

Wallpaper and Wainscoting

If you’re stuck choosing between wallpaper and wainscoting, you don’t have to pick just one. In this lovely dining room, they’ve combined both. You can either choose colors that go well together, like shown here, or you can go for a bold contrast.

5. Rustic Wood Paneling

Rustic Wood Paneling

In this modern rustic bedroom, warm-toned wood paneling creates a cozy atmosphere. Its natural color differences and texture add warmth. To elevate the design, mix different styles and materials. For example, you can use a rustic wood tv table and use your furniture accordingly to beautify your living room.

6. Farmhouse Style Horizontal Shiplap

Farmhouse Style Horizontal Shiplap

Shiplap is a trendy way to make rooms more interesting and unique. It’s often linked with farmhouse style, but it can fit other styles too. Normally, the boards are about 6 inches wide, but you can use wider ones like in this room for a new look.

7. Intricate Geometric Wall Panelling

Intricate Geometric Wall Panelling

Another example of geometric wall panelling for your living room. You can choose between dye geometric or intricate geometric wall paneling to cover your desired wall. Intricate geometric panelling adds depth, dimension, and an artistic touch to the room, especially on the wooden boards.

8. Black Vertical Wooden Slate Panelling

Black Vertical Wooden Slate Panelling

You can add black vertical wood slate panells to your desired wall. You can match the color of your sofa set with these decorative wall panels for living rooms to give a cool impression of your living room. A combination of white paint on the wall with black wooden slate panelling grabs the attention of the people. A fireplace within the wall also adds to the beauty of the room.

9. Colorful Board and Batten Panelling

Colorful Board and Batten Panelling

You can use bright colors to make wall paneling ideas look cool. This board-and-batten wainscoting has a dark grey color that looks great against the off-white wall above it. The strong colors make the traditional paneling look more modern and exciting.

10. Tongue-and-Groove Panelling

Tongue-and-Groove Panelling

Like shiplap, tongue and groove paneling is made of individual planks that fit together either horizontally or vertically. In this room, the paneling has vertical lines that make the room look taller and bigger. Painting the paneling warm white gives it a neat and fresh appearance.

11. Shiplap Accent Wall

Shiplap Accent Wall

Using white shiplap on the wall makes the fireplace stand out in this modern living room. It’s the same color as the other walls, so it fits in well. But the horizontal lines give it some detail and make it a focal point. This makes the room look neat and draws your attention.

12. Beaded Board Panelling

Beaded Board Panelling

The beaded board is made of thin wood strips with a small ridge in between called the bead. The vertical lines give a traditional look and can cover the whole wall or just part of it. Beaded board with crown molding on top adds a bit of texture.

13. Reclaimed Wood Plank Panelling

Reclaimed Wood Plank Panelling

If you want a rustic look in your living room, put old wood boards on the wall in a shiplap wall pattern. The different textures and colors of the wood make it special on accent walls. Marks on the wood like knots, nail holes, scratches, cracks, and other marks give a unique look to your living room.

14. Wainscoting


Wainscoting usually covers the bottom part of a wall. It often has a chair rail to keep the walls safe from marks. You can make this traditional wall accent fit into a modern room either by painting it a bright color or keeping it paintless as per your liking. You can make different shades for a bit of contrast.

15. Wall Frame Molding

Wall Frame Molding

In summary, using wall paneling is a great way to make your living room look better. Whether you like old-fashioned, modern, or different styles, there are lots of choices. From classic ones like shiplap to newer ones like mixed media panels, you can find something that fits your taste. By picking the right wall paneling idea for your living room, you can add texture and style. No doubt, wall panelling makes your room a cozy and nice place for everyone.


Simple wall frame molding is a classic way to make a room look better immediately. It adds a bit of style and looks great with pictures and wall lights, or by itself. You can buy pre-cut molding and paint it the same color as the wall. You can also pick a shade slightly lighter or darker for a bit of difference.

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