What Are The Dimensions Of a Queen Size Air Mattress?

What Are The Dimensions Of a Queen Size Air Mattress – Full Guide


Queen size air mattresses are popular for those seeking comfortable sleeping arrangements. These mattresses are the best temporary bedding solutions whether for guests, or camping trips. The dimensions of a queen-size air mattress are important to ensure it fits your needs and space requirements.

However, the size of a queen air mattress is on average 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. But, the sizes of these air mattresses may vary a bit from others due to the manufacturer’s design In this comprehensive guide, the experts of styleofhome.com will cover all the useful information regarding what are the dimensions of a queen size air mattress.

Know More About The Size Of Queen Air Mattress

Dimensions Of Queen Size Air Mattress

The size of queen air mattress is usually 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. It’s like a regular queen bed, giving enough space for one or two people to sleep. These air mattresses come in different thicknesses, from 8 to 25 inches. Thicker ones are comfier, feeling more like a real mattress.

You need to know how much weight the mattress can hold, especially if two people are using it.
Most can handle 500 to 600 pounds, but check the label to be sure. Even though they’re big, queen air mattresses are easy to move and store. Some have pumps built in for quick setup, and many come with bags for carrying or storing.

Types of Queen Size Air Mattresses

There are two types of variations available in the market. These variations play different roles for different purposes. You can use them for guests or while traveling.

1. Thick Queen Size Air Mattress

Thick Queen Size Air Mattress

These thick queen size air mattresses are very expensive to buy. These mattresses are super cozy and very comfortable. This mattress is the best option for using at home for your guests.

If you decide to go for a thick queen size air mattress, it’ll take longer to pump it up. Because it’s bigger than a regular queen size, it needs more air. Also, thicker mattresses will use up more room vertically compared to usual queen air mattresses.

2. Tall Queen Size Air Mattress

Tall Queen Size Air Mattress

For those of us who are tall, tall queen size air mattresses are perfect. They’re longer than regular queen air mattresses. Not only will tall people appreciate the extra length, but those who sleep with pets will also love the extra space.

When you take a tall queen air mattress with you while traveling, make sure your sleeping spot is big enough for its extra length. Otherwise, It can be a big problem if the mattress is too long for your sleeping bag. To avoid this issue, measure your sleeping area before you buy the perfect size of queen air mattress for yourself.

Choosing the Right Queen Size Air Mattress

Choosing the Right Queen Size Air Mattress

It’s smart to think it over before buying the queen size air mattress. You should think about how you’ll use it before buying. For guests, get a thick, comfy one. For camping, pick a durable, easy-to-use mattress. A queen size air mattress is enough for one adult person or even for an average size couple or adults. However, if you or your sleeping partner is heavier or tends to move a lot during sleep, it’s better to move towards a king size air mattress.

Always check what other people say about different brands to find a good one. You can find the good and bad on many reviews-related websites or from someone who is using that mattress. Look for comments on quality, comfort, and ease of use. And, make sure the mattress has a warranty in case something goes wrong. You should also know the store’s return policy just in case you need to bring it back.

What To Look For Before Buying Queen Size Air Mattress?

What To Look For Before Buying Queen Size Air Mattress?

There are some things to consider before choosing the right size of queen air mattress. So that, you can make a better decision. We are writing these factors below for you to read and think twice before purchasing the mattress.

1. The Material

The Material

The material used in many typical air mattresses is essentially plastic PVC. However, PVC doesn’t allow for good airflow and might make you sweat while sleeping. If you do not like it, you might want to consider a pillow-top air mattress. These are less likely to make you feel overheated compared to PVC.

A memory foam air mattress with gel infusion is another option available for you. The gel in the memory foam helps to keep the mattress cool. It ensures better temperature control while you’re sleeping.

2. Weight & Sleeping Position

Weight & Sleeping Position

A good mattress is all about healthy sleep. So, the sleeping position matters a lot too. Side sleepers usually prefer a softer surface. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers often like a firm mattress. An overweight person also does not want his body to sink into a mattress that’s too soft.

Having an air mattress with adjustable firmness levels would be ideal for many people. If yours doesn’t have this feature, be careful not to overfill it. Remember, you can always let some air out if you accidentally pump in too much.

3. The Type Of Mattress

The Type Of Mattress

Some air mattresses have extra features like a backrest or headboard. This is the best solution for those who have ongoing body pain or are older. Thus, these raised air mattresses help you avoid pain when getting in and out of bed.

If you are choosing for adults or someone who is not suffering from body pain, you are good to go for any type of mattress.

4. Easy to Use As a Storage Bag

Easy to Use As a Storage Bag

Bigger air mattresses can be quite hard to carry around. That’s why it’s smart to pick one that comes with an easy-to-use storage bag. This bag not only makes carrying easier but also adds a layer of protection for the mattress.

5. The Type of Pump

The Type of Pump

This factor is the most important to consider when choosing an air mattress. There are two main types: manual and automatic.

If you’re okay with pumping air into the mattress yourself, a manual pump might be cheaper and the best option for you. But if you prefer just pressing a button to fill it with air, go for an automatic pump.

Best Place to Buy Queen Size Air Mattress

Best Place to Buy Queen Size Air Mattress

Queen size air mattresses are perfect for guests, camping, or just having an extra bed. Knowing air mattress queen dimensions and features helps you choose the right one. These beds offer comfort and convenience. Pick a good one, and you’ll sleep well wherever you are.


As we’ve covered all the useful information regarding air mattress queen dimensions, it’s time to decide where can we buy the perfect size of queen air mattress at lower rates with high quality for you.

There are many options available to find a wide selection of these queen size beds. You can find many retail stores near your location offering different brands. You can also check on multiple websites for online shopping. Online shopping has become an easy approach nowadays due to high competition.

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