concrete pool deck painting

Concrete Pool Deck Painting – Step By Step Guide 2024


Concrete pool deck painting is an easy project if you know the right steps to take it. You can either save thousands of dollars if you follow some simple and easy steps, or it can heavily cost you. Painting pool deck takes some important tasks to do with proper planning with time. There are a lot of things to consider before jumping to patio painting. You can hire a professional for painting pool patio in their own way, or you can simply do it with these tested simple steps. So, if you want to paint pool deck yourself, grab your seat and let this query of how to paint concrete pool deck end here.

How Much Does Professional Concrete Pool Deck Painting Costs

concrete pool deck painting

If you hire a pro for concrete paint pool deck service from a paint company, they can cost you easily from $3000 to $8000 depending upon your pool measurements and the company’s professionalism. In another scenario, if you want to paint concrete pool, it can cost you below $1500.

If you are going for a try yourself, there are some important things to consider before painting pool deck to avoid mistakes.

Outdoor Concrete Pool Deck Painting Mistakes To Remember

concrete pool deck painting

There is no doubt that concrete pool decks are cool because of their paint selection. We like to see a soft paint selection for concrete pool deck painting. Bright colors burn our retinas on sunny days. The paint for cement pool deck should be light. So do not use bright colors as it will burn your retinas in the hot and bright Sun.

The second most important thing to remember for painted pool decks is the water consumption of concrete. That thirsty solid concrete will drink paint as if it were nothing. This can result in even more time-consuming and money consumption project for you.

Also, check the weather forecast and plan to do a concrete deck painting project in 3 to 4 consecutive warm and dry-weather days. You can complete this project in 3 days and 1 extra day to dry the paint. So, keep these things in your mind, and let’s go to the instruments and supplies to start. You can also follow these steps if you are looking for how to repaint pool deck.


  • air blaster
  • Pressure Washer
  • Broomstick
  • sprinkling can
  • scraper/spatula
  • Adjustable Paint Roller Frame
  • Adjustable Paint Roller Tray
  • Power Drill with Mixer Attachment


  • Concrete Cleaner
  • Paintbrush, 3-Inch
  • Extra Large Size Rough Paint Roller Covers
  • General Purpose Exterior Primer
  • Anti-Skid Additive
  • Liquid Cement Crack Filler
  • Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

Step 1. Clear the Debris on pool concrete

concrete pool deck painting

After checking the weather forecast for dry days, our first step is to clean and blow off the debris. You can use an air blaster or a leaf blower to remove any dust, junk, leaves, or debris from the concrete first.

Step 2. Clean & Carve the Surface

concrete pool deck painting

You can simply use a hosepipe or garden hose to dampen a section of the concrete. Grab your plastic sprinkling can fill it with concrete cleaner and pour it on damp concrete evenly.

Step 3. Scrubbing

concrete pool deck painting

Wait for the concrete cleaner to sit on damp concrete for 3-5 minutes. As the concrete cleans, you will see bubbles on the surface. Simply scrub it with a broomstick at right angles.

Step 4. Wash Out With a Pressure Washer

concrete pool deck painting

After scrubbing the bubbles upon concrete use a pressure washer to wash out the concrete cleaner. Remove all the sludge and dirt on the concrete. Now wait a little bit after this step to fully dry the concrete.

Step 5. Fill up the holes & cracks on the surface

concrete pool deck painting

Now fill all the cracks and holes in the concrete. Use Liquid Cement Crack Filler for this. Spread the crack filler by using a scraper or spatula until it is a smooth surface and let it dry completely.

Step 6. Apply Exterior Primer

concrete pool deck painting

Apply a single General Purpose Exterior Primer coat with an adjustable roller for large areas. Use an angled paint brush for cracks and edgey places.

Step 7. Let the Primer Dry

concrete pool deck painting

Wait for at least a day to dry the exterior primer in case of a sunny & dry day. This period may be affected depending on weather conditions.

Step 8. Mix Your Pool Paint With Anti-Skid Additive

concrete pool deck painting

Use a large bucket to combine Concrete and Garage Floor Paint with the Anti-Skid Additive. You can use a power drill with a mixer attachment to mix these.

Step 9. Use Paint Roller

concrete pool deck painting

Use a paint roller and apply the anti-skid mixed paint. You can paint 1 coat or 2 depending on your requirements.

Step 10. Paint Into Edges & Cracks

concrete pool deck painting

After done with the painting, let it dry for at least a day. Now paint the cracks & edgy surface by using angled paint brushes. You can do the cracks & edges first too before applying the paint roller.

After painting cement around pool, the surface will feel a little slippery the first few times it will get wet. But with time as the paint cures, the grip improves. Also never run on the painted pool deck, as it may result in falling and any mishap or injury.

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