Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas – Best Bohemian Kitchen Decor


Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas are all about creating a warm, cozy, and relaxed atmosphere in your kitchen. It’s not just about looks, but about combining functionality and creativity. Boho kitchens work great in open spaces and allow you to add your personal touch without showing off. This style mixes retro elements, neutral fabrics, textures, patterns, colors, and warm tones to create a unique look. Plus, it’s highly customizable, so you can create a bold, chic, rustic, modern, or classic Boho kitchen that suits your taste. In this article, the team of the style of home will share with you the 20 best earthy boho kitchen ideas.

Bohemian Kitchen Ideas

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

A boho-style kitchen is a unique and eclectic space that combines different styles, materials, and patterns to create a free-spirited atmosphere. It can be bright and colorful or muted and natural, with elements like wood, woven accents, macrame, and plants. You can make it your own with natural materials, open shelving, and global decor. This style is all about embracing individuality and creating a space that reflects your personality.

1. Hanging Lights

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas - Hanging Lights

You can add a bohemian touch to your kitchen with stylish pendant lights. You can paint the ceiling white or cream. It makes them stand out even more. For a cozy, lived-in feel, consider rattan pendant lights or barndominium kitchen ideas. It softens the brightness and creates a warm ambiance in your Boho kitchen.

2. Wood Cabinets Style

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

Modern Bohemian kitchens often feature natural wood cabinets and cream/white backsplashes for a sophisticated look. This style is versatile and easy to mix with other decor. You can also add a pop of color with a teal-painted kitchen island for a rustic touch.

3. Mid-Century Style

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

Combine bohemian style with mid-century modern touches for a perfect Boho kitchen. Simply, balance natural wood elements, bold colors, and patterned floors with modern appliances, cabinets, and a backsplash for a harmonious blend of styles.

4. Reclaimed Wood Shelving

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

This cozy English kitchen has a rustic bohemian style. You can use these reclaimed wool shelves to display a collection of earthy pottery, teapots, and vases filled with natural elements like branches, leaves, and flowers from the garden.

5. Patterns and Shades

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

Patterns make Boho kitchens special. You can create a cohesive look by matching the floor, walls, and rug. For example, if you have white subway tiles on the walls, choose white cabinets to match and create a harmonious look.

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen is warm and cozy, with a bohemian style. You can have modern shiplap walls, different types of wood, and open shelves. There’s a special wall with old paintings, and leather details add a warm touch. You can add potted plants or whatever you like Instead of a kitchen island on the table.

7. Color Scheme

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

You can create a serene and stylish Boho kitchen with a light color scheme and a dark, unique wood kitchen table. You can mix and match colors and patterns for a relaxed, chic look. Simply, paint your kitchen walls with bright, bold colors. You can choose yellow, indigo blue, pink, or burnt orange while considering earthy boho kitchen ideas. You can also add a gallery wall to complete the artistic and eclectic feel.

8. Vintage Style

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

You can add some vintage style to your bright kitchen with a bohemian twist. Simply add vintage and antique pieces to give a unique touch. A tasseled pendant light above the dining table adds a playful and eclectic flair, perfect for a boho-style kitchen.

9. Kitchen Island

bohemian kitchen Ideas

A kitchen island is one of the best bohemian kitchen ideas to apply in your kitchen. Simply add a bohemian touch to your kitchen with a painted kitchen island that brings a rustic feel. You can also combine it with a tiled wall and cabinets in a matching shade to create an eclectic and cozy look.

10. Open Shelving

bohemian kitchen Ideas

You can design your kitchen with an earthy, bohemian vibe by using open shelves, combining different materials, and blending modern and vintage pieces. This mix of styles adds a unique and eclectic touch to the space.

11. Use of Rugs

bohemian kitchen Ideas

Another earthy boho kitchen idea is to add a pop of color and excitement to your Boho kitchen with arched wall designs and vibrant ethnic rugs. These can complement the typical beige and white colors used in Boho kitchens. A bright rug can also add energy and warmth to the space, eliminating any feeling of dullness.

12. Potted Plants

bohemian kitchen Ideas

Bring life to your Boho Kitchen with a variety of plants in unique and quirky containers. This will add a touch of whimsy to your decor. You can display greenery and plants on an open shelf or trailing them alongside tableware. It enhances the natural and organic feel. Just be sure to strike a balance and not overdo it, as the goal is to create a cozy and inviting space.

13. Combine Vintage & Modern

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

You can combine old and new elements. You can use industrial windows, original brick walls, and hardwood floors, alongside a modern kitchen with a bohemian touch. You can use potted plants and a vintage Persian rug too under the bar stools.

14. Backsplash Idea

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

You can upgrade your Bohemian kitchen with natural wood cabinets and cream-colored backsplash. Simply choose a backsplash that fits your style. You can choose light gray for a bright look. If you want a bold look, choose emerald green or navy shades. Stone, tiles, or wallpaper can also be used for added texture.

15. Rustic Elements

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

Using rustic elements in your kitchen is another best earthy boho kitchen idea. You can use a wooden table, old-painted chairs, and a bunch of brass candlesticks to add a cozy, eclectic feel to this kitchen.

16. Decrotaion Using Flowers

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

You can combine old kitchen items with vintage accessories and colorful wildflowers. It brings warmth and energy to the space. It gives a unique look to the farmhouse-style shelves of a boho kitchen.

17. Vintage Light Fittings

Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

Vintage features give a unique look to the space, especially in your kitchen. It is one of the best earthy boho kitchen ideas for you. You can add natural touches to your kitchen with natural elements like plants or wood. Vintage hanging lights or a chandelier can also be used. Affordable and unique lighting options like bamboo, wicker, or jute fixtures are also available for your boho kitchen.

18. Wallpapers


Add color and personality to your kitchen with wallpaper. Boho style loves bright, bold patterns. You can try whatever wallpaper you like for your boho kitchen. You can choose a lemon-themed wallpaper with pops of yellow, or use patterned wallpaper as a unique backsplash idea.

19. Industrial Features

Industrial Features

You can add bohemian touches to any space. The industrial kitchen combines Scandinavian and boho styles with butcher block countertops and weathered wood table. You can also add plants, patterned rugs, and quirky decorations. These elements create a unique and cozy atmosphere.

20. Keep It UptoDate

Keep It UptoDate

Give your kitchen a bohemian feel by trying new trends. Replace cabinets with shelves, add colorful tiles, and display bright dishes and woven barstools.

20 Best Earthy Boho Kitchen Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is bohemian kitchen style?

A boho-style kitchen combines old and new elements to create a unique, eclectic space. It can be bright and colorful with mixed patterns and materials or neutral with natural accents and plants, giving your kitchen a free-spirited, bohemian vibe.

What Colours are in bohemian style?

Boho colors are often natural and earthy, like green, brown, and gray, which create a calm feel. But bold and vibrant colors like purple and green are also used to add energy and excitement.

What is the difference between boho and bohemian?

Bohemian means being different and not following the crowd. Modern boho style comes from the 1960s and is all about being free-spirited and unique.

What is the opposite of bohemian style?

Minimalism is the opposite of boho. It’s a style that uses very few items to create a clean and simple look, like a gallery. It’s all about having fewer things.

How can I make my kitchen boho-style?

You can make your kitchen bohemian by adding personal touches, vintage items, and a mix of colors. Adding lots of plants helps too.

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